How to Manual Update UnleashX Dashboard (Original XBOX)

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by BlockABoots, Aug 23, 2015.

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    The auto update setting in UnleashX dashboard no longer works, i see there InsaneNutter has posted a thread which appears to have the last version....

    But im not entirely sure how to manually update UnleashX, ive heard some horror stories of people just over writing the .xbe file in the E Drive and then not being able to boot the console anymore.

    These are the files included in the zip for the last version of unleashx....


    and this is the content of my E Drive on the XBOX...


    I tried just ftp'ing over the default.xbe file but for some reason its not showing when i got into the file explore on the xbox. Any help please
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    I would boot another app which has an FTP server built in, for example XBMC. You can then FTP in to the Xbox with XBMC running and then update UnleashX directly over FTP. If you try and do it with UnleashX running that can cause problems when trying to overwrite files that are currently in use.

    Depending on the softmod you have used its possible you might need to sign the first XBE file the Xbox boots, i'm honestly not too sure if this is the case or not with the more modern softmods (its been years since i softmodded an Xbox now so my knowledge could well be out of date) If you need to though EZ XBE Dump will do that for you.

    Essentially what i did when setting sofmods back up in the day was replace the default dashboard .xbe with this Xbox Signed Default XBE which booted XBMC from E:\Apps\xbmc\

    That way XBMC could just be updated in E:\Apps\xbmc\ without worrying about resigning any XBE's.

    Depending on how you did the softmod just keep the savegame exploit on the hard drive and its pretty hard to badly mess up then, the Xbox will always boot the game in the DVD drive first before the dash (unless you have changed that) so if you ever couldn't boot UnleashX its simply a case of loading the save game exploit again and you can then recover from there.

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