Important: Please read before posting or helping others with modified consoles

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Nimrod, Jun 27, 2012.

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    For a while now we have had a banner in place which shows up for member's when posting in this forum reminding them that when asking for help, they must ensure they are not asking for help in pirating content or methods to bypass security systems to gain paid for content for free.

    (Exact wording is: Important! Please Read: Your welcome to discuss modding consoles and related homebrew, dashboards, tweaks and hacks. Just ensure you never ask or help others with pirating copyright material. Any posts or threads which mention copyrighted material will result in post deletion and loss of reputation. We are not a forum for helping you steal content.)

    I just wish to further go into detail for users who may be unsure and need guidance as I have seen some posts which are questionable and some which have had to be removed.

    First and formost, it is not illegal to 'jailbreak' your games consoles in most countries just like its not illegal to jailbreak your phones.
    (However, if it is illegal in your country you may need to refrain from posting or reading related threads I'm afraid)

    However, if you are asking for help regarding jailbreaking or installing software on such a device ensure that it is only for legal 'homebrew' content. Ie, Content developed by people released for free use like custom games, dashboards or applications.

    DO NOT ask for help with pirating games, or turning trial games into full games as this is copyright infringement, and quite frankly theft. Without game developers, you would not have games available and its important that games are purchased to keep funding available for game developers to continue their job of making great games. This applies to all game makers, from small 'indie' developers right up to the big games companies.

    If you see someone requesting help with privacy, please do not help them and instead report the post so it can be dealt with by the Admin team quickly and promptly. If you post anything illegal and we get asked to hand over your details with a court order then we will have to comply. So its in both your's and our interest that you make sure you follow the Digiex Guidelines on this. Ultimately though, we hope to catch people breaking these rules and remove their posts before it becomes an issue.

    There is a summary below of some scenarios but while this list isn't every possible scenario, it should cover most and should help detail what is suitable for posting and what is not.

    You want help with anything related to an unmodified Xbox
    You recently completed the Reset Glitch on a Slim and would like help installing a custom dashboard
    You would like to install a custom media player to play MKV's on your Xbox
    A custom application is crashing and you need help
    You need advise and guidance on completing some homebrew installation

    You downloaded a trial game and would like to unlock it to the full game
    You want to know how to bypass the latest disc protection to run newer games
    You would like to hack a game ON Xbox live without getting caught
    You need help burning a pirated game, or using patches to avoid getting caught.

    Posting stuff deemed unacceptable will result in post deletion, repeated attempts will result in your account becoming disabled.
    We want to remain an open forum for people to discuss homebrew on their games consoles, however we do NOT wish to help anyone with pirating material.

    We will update this if any further unacceptable scenarios show themselves.
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