Is it POSSIBLE to copy a DEMO from 1 360 to another with XPORT360?

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Fudgebar, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Im wondering if it is possible to download a demo on one 360 that has Live and copy it to your PC with the XPort then transfer it to another 360 HD that doesnt have Live and play it?

    I was able to successfully copy the correct demo folder, transfer it to my PC then copy it to my other 360 HDD under the correct 0000000000 folder and it even shows up as the correct folder and in parenthesis shows the name of the demo (MLB 2K10 Demo) but when I turn the XBOX 360 on and search for ALL DEMOS GAMES, it isnt listed.....why?

    Is there other steps that need to be completed besides just copying thr DEMO folder into the 00000000000 Folder in your 360 Partition 3?

    Im a bit confused....the folder is in the correct folder with other demo folders that I downloaded correctly months ago when I had Live but this one isnt showing up
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    You can also just put the hard drive of the 360 that doesn't have live in to the one that does and download the demos like that.

    So your 100% the demo is in the correct folder? it sounds like your doing everything correct. What about if you download a small arcade game such as Geometry Wars 2? can you get that to show up?

    Or even just try another demo, ive done this a few times as I dont have gold at the moment and its shown up every time.

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