jasper bb 256 rgh problem with new dvd

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by grpracing, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Ok, ive pulled the jasper out of the closet and desided to install the coolrunner ver b in it. Nand is run thru multibuilder and everything works fine.

    The reason the jasper was tossed aside was the lite-on drive went thru meltdown and dvd key was un retrievable till now. I don't have a lite- on drive atm but have a pile of good sammy m28 drives and plan to leave the coolrunner in the system. I really would like this thing to read games to make it easier to baack them up onto my harddrive.

    I have a ck3 lite and the recommended via 6421 board with working knowledge of flashing the drives. I have been reading post after post about this and need it cleared up.... Can i get the sammy drive to work in the jasper and if so can someone help me out with the proper way to flash it. I have attempted to spoof one in as a lite-on but it still gives that wonderful message. My log from multibuilder showed now errors with the frct.bin file . i just want to finish this thing and move on to my next one when the demon comes out!! I have a few xenon systems to get going again. lol.
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    You should be able to get the drive to work.

    Have you have a look at page 167 on the jungle flasher tutorial? that should explain the process to you, and guide you through it with pictures included: Jungle Flasher - Downloads

    Good luck.
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