Kodi (Xbmc) Released For The Xbox One

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By InsaneNutter on Dec 29, 2017 at 11:47 AM
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    Those of you who have followed the Xbox scene for many years will probably remember XBMC (Xbox Media Center), XBMC is probably the most successful games console homebrew application of all time. It started out life back in 2002 as Xbox Media Player where several different media players projects for the original Xbox merged, allowing more people to work together to achieve a common goal, of having a fantastic media player for the Xbox.

    Back then times were much different, computers and devices with processors in them were not everywhere around the home. Most people didn't have a device connected to their TV that could view photos stored on their computer, play MP3's, or even popular video formats such as Divx and Xvid. The fancy DVD players that could play Divx and Xvid video cost significantly more than an Xbox games console. This made a hacked Xbox a pretty unique thing, an affordable home media center.

    As the years wen't on and other hardware become more affordable and powerful than the original Xbox, Xbmc was ported to Windows, OSX, Linux and Android, even supporting jail broken Apple TV's for a short while. Eventually been renamed to Kodi as the original Xbox was no longer officially supported. Although the XBMC4Xbox team do still support the Xbox Classic all these years later.

    I dont think anyone ever expected to see Kodi go back to it's roots and be available on a modern Xbox Console, with Microsoft's blessing no less.

    From today you can now search for Kodi on your Xbox One and install it the same as any other app.

    Link: Kodi for Xbox One and Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

    In addition if you still have an old Xbox laying around, Digiex has archived many of the older Xbmc builds and kept them available online. We have the Xbox Media Player builds which started it all, the first Xbox Media Center (XBMC) 1.0.0 release, along with the latest XBMC4XBOX v3.5.3 build. In addition we have many other versions in between posted in our Xbox Apps and Tools forum.

    For some nostalgia, here are some almost 10 year old photos of Xbmc running on my original Xbox, complete with an added LCD screen.

    xbox-mod-xbmc.jpg xbox-mod-xbmc-lcd.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Dec 29, 2017.

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