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Xbox Media Center (XBMC) 1.0.0 Download - Media Player for Xbox

Discussion in 'Apps / Tools' started by InsaneNutter, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Xbox Media Center (XBMC) is a free and open source media player developed for the Xbox. This download is for the first stable release of XBMC from 29 June, 2004, Xbox Media Center 1.0.0. (xbmc-1.0-WAM).

    New features in Xbox Media Center 1.0.0 included the addition of embedded Python, giving the ability to draw interface elements in the graphical user interface and allowed user and community generated scripts to be executed within the XBMC environment.

    With the release of 1.0.0 in the middle of 2004, work continued on the XBMC project to add more features, such as support for iTunes features like DAAP and smart playlists, as well as lots of improvements and fixes.


    Xbox Media Center (XBMC) 1.0.0 Download

    The Read Me:

    Important note about XVID - There are 2 xvid decoders available in XBMC:
    FFmpeg and version 1.01 of the XviD codec. Neither currently decodes all xvid
    files perfectly. FFmpeg has problems rendering videos encoded with the latest
    version of the xvid encoder (these are fine when decoding with XviD 1.01), and
    XviD drops frames on some files.

    The default is currently to use FFmpeg for all XVIDs. This should be fine for
    the vast majority of xvid avis out there. If you want to use XviD 1.01 instead,
    simply copy "codecs.conf.XVID101" over "codecs.conf" in the "mplayer" subdir
    of XBMC. To switch back to FFmpeg, copy "codecs.conf.FFMPEG" over codecs.conf.

    You can check which decoder is currently being used by pressing the black button
    while playing video and checking the "video:" information.

    Installation notes:

    If you have installed XBMC before, delete ALL contents of the XBMC directory on your
    xbox including subdirectories, and upload the files in this package.
    You can usually keep your old XboxMediaCenter.xml unless it's from a very old build.
    The settings you can change on-screen are stored in /E/TDATA/0face008/settings.xml.
    It is not usually necessary to delete this file when upgrading, your old settings
    will be imported.
    If XBMC does not start, check the xbmc.log file. You can try deleting the TDATA
    settings.xml if this happens.
    If you want to use the AC3 passthrough feature in XBMC (Settings -> Audio Options),
    you need to enable Dolby Digital and DTS in the MS Dash settings. If your video has
    stereo sound but "Output to All Speakers" is enabled, passthru will not be used.
    If you cannot see the OSD (on-screen display) when you press Y while playing video,
    go into Settings -> My Video -> Screen Calibration while the video is still
    playing, press A until you get to the OSD calibration part, and move it into view.
    The default.xbe is retail-patched in this build in order to work with old modchips.
    See keymapping.txt/pdf for the default button mappings (edit keymap.xml to change them).
    See bugs.txt for currently known bugs and the todo list.
    (to submit patches for any bugs, see XBMC Media Center | Free software downloads at SourceForge.net)
    XBMC's built-in FTP and HTTP servers can be enabled in Settings -> General.
    The most recommended network streaming method is SAMBA (Windows filesharing), it
    is fastest and stable.
    To configure Stream Servers and other options, edit XboxMediaCenter.xml in the XBMC
    directory (see examples below). Restarting is required for any changes to take effect.
    For SMB:
    "DOMAIN" is the same as your Windows workgroup name (this can usually be omitted),
    the following formats may also work depending on your SMB server:
    smb://username:pwd@server.ip.address/sharename or
    if guest/public access is enabled:
    See http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=233298 for an SMB tutorial
    For ccXStream, MFXStream and other XBMSP type stream servers:
    xmbs://ip:port/ or xbms://ip:port/sharename
    (a GUI for ccxstream.exe, CCXGUI is available at http://dott.lir.dk/ccxgui)
    If you're running ccXStream (XBMSP) or XBMS (XNS) on a Linux server,
    you can play video directly out of RAR files. For instructions check here:
    404 Not Found
    For Relax (not recommended), XBMS / xBmsx and other XNS type stream servers:
    xns://ip:port/ or xns://ip:port/directory
    For Python scripting support, extract python.rar (included in the 02-12 build) into
    the XBMC folder so that you have scripts/ and python/ subdirectories. You do not need
    to upload the files from python.rar if you do not need Python scripting support.
    Chokeman's Project Mayhem skin (www.chokemaniac.net) is included.
    The XBMC project website is currently available at www.xboxmediacenter.de.
    Here's the latest changes since 06-19:
      - 29-06-2004 fixed: playlist files on a remote share and whose entries have a '\' at the beginning, where not saved correctly
      - 28-06-2004 fixed: switching srt's included in mkv + small bugfix for switching vobsubs in mkv's.
      - 27-06-2004 moved: default subtitle selection to mplayer.conf to allow them to be overridden on a per file basis.
      - 27-06-2004 added: default language selection for subtitles now possible in mplayer.conf
      - 27-06-2004 added: all know language codes for audio and subtitle selection.
      - 27-06-2004 fixed: deleting a program from My Programs works properly now
      - 26-06-2004 fixed: no directory history if default path is set
      - 24-06-2004 changed: made sure that resolution switching only happens once when starting in pal60 mode.
      - 23-06-2004 fixed: lockups when switching between fullscreen and small video window.
      - 23-06-2004 fixed: when an autorun event occurs the screensaver is now reset
      - 22-06-2004 changed: postprocessing is now turned off by default.
      - 22-06-2004 fixed: subs not showing + added switching support for subtitles included in mkv containers (vobsubs).
      - 21-06-2004 fixed: Not showning first icon during scrolling in control (sf patch #976191 by seism)
      - 20-06-2004 fixed: support for foldername.tbn files
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