Need to completely rebuild my original xbox

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    As discussed in an earlier thread I picked up a third xbox for the kids to frag each other in Halo 2.

    My softmod went somewhat awry; I recovered such that XBMC boots, but it doesn't allow for apps to run and it also won't allow me to install the Halo 2 DLC (it tells me my 250 GB drive has too few blocks available).

    Given all that, it makes sense to run XBoxHDM 1.9. If only I fully understood the requirements ...

    I have 2 Xboxes which correctly installed the softmod - I'm reasonably sure that the backup of the system files on those machines are good; I'm less sure on the machine I'm working on.

    It appears that I need 2 basic steps:
    1. put the eeprom file(S) on the to-be-burned CD for the current machine - this was backed up as part of the 'bad' install, so I believe I have this.
    2. put the full system files to be installed/restored on the same CD.

    I'd like to use the backed up system files from machine #1 or #2 - can someone tell me what directory they may be in/what the file names are that need to be inserted into the CD? The directions I have say the files are/may be xboxdash.xbe, fonts, Audio, xodash and xboxdashdata.1012a700. Is this it? Can I use the files from another machine or are they somehow adversely 'signed' as to make them unusable and the Slayer version is different?

    I've read that I can get the files from Slayer's EVOX disk- however since I don't have/use Torrents, I have no idea where this download is available today (it doesn't appear to be in the downloads section of this forum). The sites which seem to have it are blocked by my antivirus software or have some other reason I can't use them. Can someone point out a location for me where this disk may exist for download?

    The directions I've found (howto) for the XBoxHDM 1.9 are now so old that the graphics which had been attached are now no longer available - this makes it hard to follow a 'see graphic' type howto <g>.

    Is there an idiot proof ('cause clearly I am on on this topic) guide that someone can point me to?

    Thanks all.


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