Odd Xbox360 HDD issue

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by slimwadey, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Hi all
    One of the kids had a problem with his xbox360, when he turned it on it would freeze as it was loading on the xbox symbol

    I first thought it was a graphics chip issue as it way out of warranty , so i unplugged it and took it downstairs to repair minus the cables and HDD .. when i turned it on downstairs it worked

    Turns out that when you have a his HDD plugged in it freezes , any other Hdd in it and its fine
    Odd thing though because it opens with xport or xplorer and you can browse folders and files no problem
    i cant format it because it needs to be in an xbox and when you plug it into any other xbox that freezes too
    I tried to reflash it with the HDDhackr program but as its a Hitachi drive it would not let me
    i need this HDD so i can bung it on a spare xbox i have and trade it in (i gave the boy one of my spares so he can keep on playing )
    There is no visible damage and you can hear it whirring and clicking like a normal HDD does
    Any ideas??

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    It's possible you have a partial or failed system update the drive is trying to load. Press and hold the Sync button then boot the console with the power button. This process clears failed system updates, and might work for you.

    It could also be a video setting problem. You can reset to default visual settings by holding the Y button and right trigger while booting the system with your controller.

    You can also try loading the current update on the 360 with a cd/dvd or USB key. Format a usb drive fat32, download this, copy the folder inside the zip to the root of your usb drive. It should look like X:\$SystemUpdate\. Then boot the system with the USB key in.

    If that doesn't fix it, try deleting everything in the Cache folder on the hdd.

    You also don't need hddhacker to dump or write sector 16-22 to/from your hard drive. Most hex editors allow you to directly write to a physical drive on your pc. I did this recently with a 20gb hdd.

    I hope one of those suggestions helps. Good luck.

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