Sometimes flickering image for a second...

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by paardje, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Maybe faulty HDMI cable or wrong settings or even inside the 360 itself? Anyways, I now have a second-hand X360 S with a LOT of games for just €90,- bought at a shop (actually a BARGAIN if you tell me...) but sometimes for a second or so the image on the screen seems to flicker a bit (with losing audio for just a sec or so...) but then all comes back. Seems my 360 wants to take a little pause here and there.

    What can be the cause? (Oh yes, the screensetting was a bit high, over 1080p. Now it's set on the 1080p marker in the settings, hope it helps or else I'll be looking for a new HDMI cable. Maybe THAT'LL help...)
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    Try a different HDMI cable, i've had that issue with an old HDMI cable that had got damaged.

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