[Suggestion] Official Topic Model to Post Demos/Themes/DLC/etc?

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Rockman, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I've been keeping my topic model equal to all upload posts, but wouldn't it be possible for Digiex to come up with an official topic model than each one use similar or totally different (without enough info)?
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    Its always been an unwritten rule how to post a download, however we have always basically done it like this since the forum re opened in 2008: I guess i could basically make a template out of this and sticky it in the download center.

    Image: Image of the box centered at the top of the post.

    About the game: A paragraph or two about the game, usually taken from Wikipedia.

    Information: If the game required a modified console, or the downloader to do anything special to get it working. E.g. How to get a demo on your 360.

    In the case of 360 related content we have always like to some helpful tutorials which explain how to get Demos on a CD, DVD or USB memory stick.

    Download: This contains a link to the download, hosted on the Digiex server.

    If you want use my latest Demo post as a template: https://digiex.net/downloads/downlo...narchy-reigns-xbox-360-demo-download-jpn.html from what i have seen you basically follow the un written rule anyway (Y)

    Something i can not stress enough is we like people who are serious about posting downloads to upload them to the Digiex download server. Members are also welcome to include links to 1 click file hosters, as long as there is also a download on the Digiex server.

    Why do we want to do it this way? links on 1 click file hosters do not last forever. Just look a Megaupload for example, i know myself and some of the other staff in the past have spent time downloading content posted on Megaupload and mirroring it on the Digiex server, if we hadn't have done that it would have been gone for good now.

    We have some content on Digiex dating back to 2007, thats over 5 years of been hosted here... i would be amazed at any file hoster that will keep a users content for that long.

    As i have said to you in a PM i'm happy for members here who want to contribute on a regular basis to have FTP access, this allows you to upload at your own free will and not have to message me every time for a link.

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