Switch Guide #2 CFW/Homebrew Starter pack (5.1.0)

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    I am writing this on firmware 5.1.0 and these are basic apps to get you started, they may be outdated overtime but I will try to keep a general update on it! :D
    1. Everything in Switch Guide #1 100% completed and you are able to boot into Hekate.
    2. Download this, Switch CFW and Homebrew Starter Pack
    3. SD Card (the Bigger the better :D)

    Turn off your Switch, do this my holding the power button till the menu opens, select Power Options - Turn Off.

    Take out your SD card if you have one inserted, if not insert one into your PC, make sure it is on exFAT format.

    Open the NSX Guide #2.rar In the Tools above above, open the folder "sd_files" and copy all the folders and paste them to the ROOT of your SD card.


    You now have Part of the Atmostphere CFW that will be fully released later this year, and some Homebrew just to get you started!

    If you would like to add more Homebrew Place your .nro files in the "switch" folder.

    Place the SD card inside your Switch, IF you have AutoRCM mode installed press the power button on your switch, if not insert your jig and hold Volume Up and the Power Button for around 1 second. Do as you would In Switch Guide #1 and inject the Hekate Payload.

    Time time Select Launch Firmware, you will be give 3 options.
    1. Back
    2. OFW
    3. CFW
    OFW will take you back to stock without homebrew enabled, Be very careful as Nintendo still may be able to see what you have done and Ban you!

    What we want is option 3. CFW

    Select option 3 and it may take 10 seconds for your switch to boot, you will notice nothing looks different.

    Go to your Album and open it. You will Now notice you are inside The Homebrew Menu and you will see all the apps you can use.



    New Homebrew is coming out and the Switch Scene is blowing up!. Here is a few sites that have Homebrew up-to-date!

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