Trip Down Memory Lane – Digiex Minecraft World From 2010

Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Apr 18, 2020.

By InsaneNutter on Apr 18, 2020 at 6:45 PM
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    Today we have an unexpected trip down memory lane, which all started when @jessenic sent a screenshot on WhatsApp of an old hard drive he found used when developing the Mac version of the Digiex Minecraft Launcher, a launcher which was very popular back in the day before Minecraft Java Edition had any sort of official launcher allowing you to select the version you wish to play.

    By chance I asked Jessenic if he had a backup of the first Minecraft world from the original Digiex server, it turns out he did! This server started around October / November 2010 on an old Mac Mini that lived on a shelf in @Nimrod's bedroom. This was the alpha edition of Minecraft.

    Jessenic sent the world over to me and I managed to load it in the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition. Jessenic was also exploring the world, so we decided to explore it together and I uploaded it to an idle Minecraft instance I had on a server hosting Pixelmon for some friends.

    I never really played Minecraft much back then, however did play on the Digiex server for a short while. Remembering the bridge system connecting peoples houses / creations well. The first thing I ever built on Minecraft was still there, a little seaside house, with a shark trap by the sea outside it. Little did I know at the time Minecraft did not have sharks in it.

    As this world was hosted online for near enough two years I was impressed to see how much people had developed it over time, Jessenic gave me a tour of many of the major builds that had taken place in that time, which does make me wish I’d played Minecraft a bit more back then.

    From looking at the map data it seems exactly 840 played on this world over the two years it was online, pretty impressive!

    For anyone who might still be lurking on Digiex from the Minecraft days, or for anyone curious on what people were doing 10 years ago on Minecraft Alpha I will leave this server online for a while and open it up to the public.

    You can connect using Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.2 (current latest) by adding: <removed, server now offline> as a server.

    The server from back in the day did look to have a few mods installed to allow warping to several areas that were built up over the years. Unfortunately these do not work, so I’ve simply changed the spawn area to the one originally used when the server first started out.

    digiex-minecraft-server-welcome.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-minecart.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-stargate.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-slimwady.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-insanenutters-home.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-walkway.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-view.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-nimrod.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-railway.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-king.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Apr 18, 2020.

    1. Dark Scyth
      Dark Scyth
      For some reason, I completely forgot I was an admin on here. I was able to find my house, it was right next next to your seaside house.
    2. InsaneNutter
      The end result of leaving a Minecraft server idle for 3 months:

      digiex-minecraft-server-remains-1.jpg digiex-minecraft-server-remains-2.jpg

      Although it was only griefed on June 11th looking at the logs, so lasted a lot longer than I expected it to.

      They seem confused about the age of the server:

      [17:57:44] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> oh this is weird
      [17:57:49] [Server thread/WARN]: iBuildMassive moved too quickly! -12.650307587096222,1.785183761438077,0.2959127851190715
      [17:57:49] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> it's like they switched to a new seed or something
      [17:57:54] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> yeah......
      [17:57:57] [Server thread/WARN]: Jmort_ moved too quickly! 20.242135534889144,0.0,6.3003040703840725
      [17:58:06] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> first only stone and wood works
      [17:58:09] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> and lots of rails
      [17:58:18] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> it seems like a really really old server
      [17:58:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> like it just sharply switches from ocean to forest
      [17:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> pretty old yeah like 1.8 or something
      [17:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> dude
      [17:58:42] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> come over here
      [17:58:47] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> dude this is beta terrain
      [17:58:49] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> holy shit
      [17:58:57] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> omw
      [17:58:57] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> 600 100 -6300
      [17:59:04] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> holy fuck
      [17:59:09] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> what what
      [17:59:12] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> jesus christ theres so much shit here
      [17:59:19] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> how'd you find this
      [17:59:26] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> cant say
      [17:59:28] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> srr
      [17:59:34] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> lol ok
      [17:59:38] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> ill trigger a cataclymsm for private servers

      They almost felt bad about it:

      [18:10:49] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> so
      [18:10:53] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> it looks like this was survival?
      [18:11:00] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> yeah idk
      [18:11:08] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> I think they played over quite some time here
      [18:11:15] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> I kinda feel bad tbh
      [18:11:21] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> me too
      [18:11:24] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> but if they dont have a backup and I can join
      [18:11:26] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> rip them
      [18:11:28] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> hope they had backups :flushed:
      [18:11:44] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> Du ska inte vara här
      [18:11:48] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> hmmm
      [18:11:52] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> swedish?
      [18:11:55] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> swedish yeah
      [18:11:57] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> looks like

      The hostname was posted on the front page of a public website... so hi iBuildMassive:

      [18:16:14] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> actually tho how did you find this
      [18:16:20] [Server thread/WARN]: iBuildMassive moved too quickly! -9.960039636520776,5.084869239818573,7.624187443514529
      [18:16:25] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> im serious I cant tell anyone
      [18:16:31] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> it would kill private servers all together
      [18:16:40] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> oh shit ok
      [18:16:46] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> theyd all get standarded with whitelists
      [18:16:48] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> so it wasn't port scanning?
      [18:17:02] [Server thread/INFO]: <iBuildMassive> its complex
      [18:17:52] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> jesus this is so fucking old
      [18:18:06] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> look at the. terrain
      [18:18:14] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> look at the biomes they don't match up
      [18:18:23] [Server thread/WARN]: Jmort_ moved too quickly! -5.418568046558562,0.0,9.44310729292738
      [18:18:36] [Server thread/INFO]: <Jmort_> says this is a plains

      Jmort_ UUID: e4d66ea8-57ab-461e-bda0-8247a877a6da
      iBuildMassive UUID: 67c4b01a-6e4f-4eea-a37a-ce0b5a0a563d
    3. MrNitvit
      Wow, this brings back some memories!

      I stumbled across Digiex once more earlier today whilst looking up some pfSense docs and saw this haha.
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