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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by oO Flowzilla Oo, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Today I went to Kmart and saw a sexy little USB Hub which I need because I have a crap load of flash drives laying around. I have an 8GB lash drive for my movies, a 4GB flash drive for my music and a 2 GB flash drive for when I transfer stuff from my Laptop to my Xbox360. My question is, can the Xbox360 read multiple flash drives from a USB Hub? Is it safe? I tried Googling but some of my results said yes, others said no and some said that it wasn't safe.
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    From what i remember the 360 can read a maximum of 2x USB flash dives at any one time, if you connect more it will not read the third one.

    You can use a usb hub with the 360 no problems, however it will not allow you to use more than 2x usb drives at once.
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