Using a Memory Device for 360 storage without FATX format

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    When you format a flash drive or Portable Hard Drive to use for your 360 it will format the memory needed (max of 16GB) and then the extra memory you have for that device is unusable because its makes it a FATX format. In my case I'm using my 250GB portable hard drive so over 200GB would of became useless. There is a simple way around this so you can use the rest of your memory in your device and even make extra partitions if need be.

    If you have any content on the device that you would like to save make a back up of it first, so it doesn't get wiped when you format the device to work for your 360.

    The first thing that you will need to do is format your memory device in the 360. You can make the file size.
    (If you have already formatted your USB Drive for this you can skip this step, that way you won't have to delete the 360 content that you've already saved to the device)


    After that you can format immediately or customize the size of your partition you want for 360 content.


    After you create the partition, put your memory device in your PC. You should get something similar to this.


    If your folder is empty then you need to show hidden folders. In Windows 7 you can make folders reappear by doing this.

    Showing Hidden Folders.jpg

    Then move the Xbox360 folder to your Computer.


    After it transfers the folder to the computer you can then format the partition FAT32. It will only work with FAT32 but you can extend the partition beyond its normal limit using this method.

    After you Format the partition then you can move the Xbox360 folder onto the FAT32 partition.


    I made my FAT32 partition 100GB and it works just fine.

    As you can see I also put my Music folder on this partition, this is because when you put music on a FAT32 partition the 360 can read the music in the partition and play it. It is possible to play a 360 game and listen to music at the same time, I personally tested it with Red Faction Guerrilla and playing music from this partition.

    You can still use this partition for anything else you would like and it will still work in the 360 console afterwords, provided you don't delete your Xbox360 folder or anything in it. Its also worth noting that XTAFGUI will work still even like this.

    That concludes the guide, if there is anything that seems unclear or you would like me to go into further detail, let me know.

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