Using Mystery Gift Tool for Gen 3 Event Pokemon

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by wwab1234, Aug 2, 2018.

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    I'm interested in using Suloku's Mystery Gift Tool to inject the Old Sea Map event into my Japanese Emerald cartridge; since I need the above GBA backup tool to load the save onto a DS flashcard, do you have any recommendations for a Nintendo DS flashcard to buy? I'm having a hard time knowing which one I should be buying for this whole process. Context: I'm trying to RNG a shiny Mew in my Japanese Emerald, and I have all the in-game prep work done (Secret ID, beat the Elite Four, etc.) as well has having exhausted other options (just dropped $80 on a used Action Replay, which worked for Deoxys/Birth Island on my US Emerald cartridge and let me hack the Old Sea Map into my JP Emerald, but the event enabler cheat doesn't work so I'm stuck). Not to go off topic, just explaining my objective here regarding my original question.

    I have a working DS Lite, am I to assume I will need that in order to use the Mystery Gift Tool for my JP Emerald cart? Also, I have a friend who has one of the newer EverDrive distribution carts (he used it to get us the Aurora Ticket onto our US FR/LG carts). Would that Everdrive be useful to me in any way?

    EDIT: Deleted this because I thought it was in the wrong part of the website, but then I realized this is in the forums; presumably this is the right place to ask my questions. (If not, please direct me to the right place to look for the answers I'm seeking.)
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    The R4i Gold 3DS Plus is a card which works great and has no hidden issues, such as only working for a limited time. I have an older version of that card.

    The DS Lite is perfect as its a DS with a GBA slot, newer DS consoles don't have this. The everdrive is only useful for the GBA event roms we have here, to backup your GBA saves verious ways exist to do this, however the easiest is my opinion is to use GBA Backup tool on a DS Lite via a DS Flashcard.

    Homebrew does now exist for the GameCube / Wii to do this, however i'd personally use the DS Lite and a Flashcard as the process is very user friendly.

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