Video problems with some emulators and Original Games Disk on Original XBOX

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Everett999, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Hi, I have a soft modded original xbox. Some emulators work, some don't. Some Games (original DVD) play other don't. The emulators are installed on Hard drive. Some of the emulators that do not work are Sega Master System, Turbographics, Atari Lynx.

    I get a weird pixelated screen for all of them. The screen is unreadable. I can heard button press and the emulators appear to be running.

    Dashboard, All CoinOps game play fine as do some games (like Bloodwake) these are original NTSC game disks.

    I have tried different XBOX video setting with no luck.

    Any help?
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    In regards to some origionals working and some not that could well be down to a scratched disc or failing DVD drive, if you can get a copy of the game on the Xbox's hard drive it would probably then work.

    You can rip your games with DVD2Xbox. If the games wont rip then all you can really do is download the games and FTP them to the Xbox.

    As for the emulators you are having trouble with i'm not really sure about those as i never used them back when i was in to the Xbox. What screen resolution is your Xbox set to display in, if its higher than 480i / 480p try disabling 720p or 1080i and see if that helps.
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    eh complicado nao consigo baixar nada

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