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    I recently re-acquired a Wii U console.
    The issue I have is that the gamepad is suffering from a really bad connection signal.
    From my research this is a common issue (and getting more common) as the dedicated WiFi hardware used for the gamepad isn't aging well, and degrading with use.
    This wouldn't be a major issue if Nintendo had included a way of connecting the controller to the console via a cable, but they built is to rely solely on the WiFi connection for all data being exchanged by the controller and console.

    There are some 'fixes' for this (increasingly) common problem.
    However, they are temporary at best, as the most common 'fix' is to change the controllers WiFi board.
    But, this isn't going to last as from what I can see the 'replacements' to these failing components are actually salvaged from scrap controllers.
    this means that even if replacing the board that is giving you problems does remedy the issues, it's only a matter of time before the 'replacement' board degrades, and the issues come back.
    And as the Wii U had a very short production time, all of these boards are of a similar age.

    To get my Wii U back into a playable state I have ordered one of these 'reclaimed' components from China, but I'm really not holding my breath as to if it will help the situation.
    So, I've been thinking about a couple of alternative options.
    I thought I'd put them on here for anyone who wants to look at them deeper to try things out.

    First option:

    Add external antennae.
    The connection the stock antennae use is not soldered, instead using the tiny little 'push-on' connectors used in many portable devices with wireless functions.
    More importantly the same connection some WiFi routers use for their external antennae, as do some PCI WiFi cards for PCs.
    So, my proposal is; could these readily available antennae be installed onto the Wii U console (and/or gamepad) to improve the signal strength?
    Maybe add one of the 'screw-in' connections of the exterior of the console (and/or gamepad) to connect an external antenna.
    There are plenty of places on the console this would be fine, but I'd have to take another look inside the gamepad to see where the best place (if any) one could be added.

    That's just my first idea...

    Second thought:

    Hard-wire the console and gamepad.
    Using the same idea as above in terms of adding connections, but instead of installing larger external antennae use a coaxial shielded cable to physically connect the two transceivers together.
    I'm not all that familiar with RF signal generation and receiving, and I am expecting someone to point out that the output of one board will likely toast the other because of the power needed to generate the radio waves.
    But, is it possible in theory?
    It does mean that the motion controls of the gamepad would be affected to a certain degree, as you'd be tethered to the console, but I think that'd be a small price to pay for an absolutely flawlessly reliable connection.

    My last idea is beyond my abilities, and more of a concept that has likely been considered by others, however I'm yet to find any information about it...

    Last idea:

    3rd party 'after-market' replacement parts.
    We've seen a lot of dedicated fans with amazing skills revive old consoles in recent times.
    From modern screen replacements for old handhelds to completely new video output options bypassing the outdated technologies used for old displays.
    And with the continuous miniaturisation of components, I don't think it would be out of some capable modder out there to create a more reliable replacement for the degrading boards currently relied on for the Wii U to function.
    From what I have read; the Wii U uses a second wireless board in the console dedicated solely for communicating with the gamepad. And the gamepad only has the matching board to receive signals talk back.
    Even if the encryption the original boards cannot be used for a replacement option; surely someone could design a pair of boards, one for the console and one for the gamepad, that are more reliable than the original hardware.

    I'm just throwing my thoughts out into the wild.
    If something comes from any of these then that's great.
    If I see one of these options fully realised in the future; I'm not going to try and claim it was my idea first... as I've only recently learned about the Wii U's WiFi issues, and it's been a known problem long enough for others to know how to fix it by replacing the components.
    But, it would be nice of someone could develop a more permanent option, because at some point the supply of 'replacement' parts will run out.

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