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XBMC 4 XBOX 3.3.3 Download

Discussion in 'Apps / Tools' started by InsaneNutter, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Jun 1, 2007
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    Xbmc 4 Xbox 3.3.x Downloads:

    XBMC 4 XBOX 3.3 Download
    XBMC 4 XBOX 3.3.1 Download
    XBMC 4 XBOX 3.3.2 Download
    XBMC 4 XBOX 3.3.3 Download

    What's new in Xbmc4Xbox 3.3.3:

    • Updated TMDB scraper (based on scraper from xbmc mainline), which now uses their v3 JSON API. Also has some additional settings for language now.
    • Fixed issues with thumbnails / movie posters and IMDB / MoviePosterDB scrapers.
    • Fixed thumbnailing of images not in JPEG format (A regression from an earlier release due to thumbnail / cache code cleanups)

    What's new in Xbmc4Xbox 3.3.2:

    • Fixed black background issue for Confluence Lite when interface is not in English.
    • Fixed a problem with the recently updated build script that didn’t package up PM3 and Confluence.

    What's new in Xbmc4Xbox 3.3.1:

    • There were problems accessing the video/music playlists when nothing was playing.
    • Adding plugins to the home screen of Confluence Lite cause script failures when launching.
    • There was a minor text positioning bug in the seek dialog with PM3.HD.
    • We now ship with a lovely green XBox theme for Confluence Lite – Go to Settings -> Appearance -> Skin -> Theme to switch.

    What's new in Xbmc4Xbox 3.3:

    • New default Confluence Lite skin.
    • DVDPlayer improvements – including:
    • Updated libraries for DVDPlayer (FFMPEG/libdvd et al).
    • Recognises additional video extensions as used by some XBox games.
    • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) support.
    • Other playback improvements from XBMC.
    • Updated VFS and Cache
    • Improved 128MB Ram support.
    • Built-in support for recently added videos/music for skins (without the need for Python).
    • Updated MythTV support.
    • Better out of the box support for universal / Microsoft Media Extender remotes.
    • Password Manager for Samba shares allowing different usernames/password per share.
    • Skinning improvements.
    • Scraper updates.
    • Various other code / library updates and improvements.
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