Xbox 360 doesn't signal anything

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    Hello! Months ago I tried to update my jtagged Xbox 360 to the avatar update (I think) from this site, after doing that it stopped turning on.

    So basically when I turn it on I don't see red color, so that's weird (because online I see that red color indicates something is wrong), I see the normal casual color.

    The controller isn't working, no color so the software isn't detecting and sending the signal to it.

    So I'm guessing the update fucked up the software, is there any way to fix this? Flashing the software again with a USB...?

    Tried sending it to a store the person did some stuff (I dont remember what he did, maybe changing the drive and try again I dont know) and kept it on for 15-30min, but it still didn't turn on.

    Is it fully dead or there is life to this machine? Chose to came to this site since I've known it from before...
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