Xbox 360 JTAG Hdd upgrade - Error creating partition 0

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by ddlusr1, Nov 27, 2018.

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    I'm fairly new to the xbox360 scene, but in the last weeks i'm playing with a newly jatagged 360 slim.
    I'm trying to upgrade the internal hdd with one of 1tb from my fully configured with fsd3 and dashlaunch 250gb old hdd.
    So i format it into the 360 put the console number and all ok.
    Then i use the guide here on this site to create partition2 and all is fine.
    Strange thing is that on this new 1tb disk, i only find partition 1 and 2 (xbox 1 and data partition), this using xplorer360, buffalo explorer and fatxplorer.
    I cannot find the two other partitions that there were in my old hdd
    So i cannot restore the content of my old hdd, and dashlaunch and fsd cannot start (and i don't have my old avatar)..

    Those partitions should be created by 360 itself when i format the hdd?
    I also tried to restore the avatars as per this guide

    but when i put the $SystemUpdate folder (i'm on 170511) in my external hdd it simply does nothing (also if i use $$ystemupdate).
    Something i can do?

    Please help.
    Thank you.
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    Format the hard drive again, then copy something over to it from a USB drive configured to work as storage for the Xbox 360, such as an arcade game.

    If memory serves me right some tools such as Party Buffalo don't always work correctly with an empty hard drive. Also keep in mind a lot of these tools don't really work that good on Windows 8 or 10 in my experience.

    You should also be able to FTP content over, which is a very easy way to get stuff on the hard drive.

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