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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Asdfg, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Hi everyone , im new in xbox domain and i saw that you knos so much about this. Can i ask you some questions becuase i couldn't find nothing speciffic on internet. Lets start by saying that i bought an xbox 360 4gb 2010-12-03 and the guy said that he is moddes
    1. How can i find out what kind of mod it has because i saw that there are a few ; lt , rgh and so on. He told me that if i want to play latest games i need to update it but i dont know what to update either he and how to do this if you could tell me i would be so greatfull.
    2. what's the thing with dashboard and lt ? If i upgrade my modded xbox ( dunno what kind of mid it has) will i lose my modd ? Then after upgrading dashboard what do i have to do further.
    3. How do i put the games on cd verbatim 8.5 gb , becuase i saw that in the package of the game it comes with .iso and .img. My favourite game ( naruto latest) has 8.7 gb how can i put it on the 8.5 gb cd . thanks again anticipated for all your pacience in reading my long msj and have a nice day mate , hope that you can clarify me because im so lost right now .... T
    Also the guy said that he didnt used his console like 2 yrs so the mod version is verry old. If it is 2.0 how cab i check that and how can i uograde it to 3.0 ( the guy shown me that the xbox runs games from cd ).
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    Power on the console with the eject button, do you see Xell or does the Xbox boot to the dashboard as normal?

    If you see Xell then you have a Jtag / RGH console, if not then you either have a normal Xbox 360 or one where the DVD drive has been flashed to play backup games.

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