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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by SaRaB, Sep 4, 2017.

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    Sep 4, 2017
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    I Open My XBox I see this Xecuter in my Xbox

    But Ididnt know My xbox is RGH i updated with Usb to latest Xbox live update now my xbox Wont boot up
    But i can Go to Xell Reload Idont Have nanddumb but i now my CPU key and DVD key anyone can help me ;-(
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    As you can access Xell ensure the network cable it connected, then you should see an ip address in the network config:


    Using your web browser on your PC go to or what ever your consoles ip address is, you should be able to download your "raw flash" from the console.

    Do that and use the raw flash as your source nand to build a new image by following this tutorial: Xbox 360 Jtag or RGH Hack Easy Update

    After that has done flash it to the console as before and hopefully it should work again.

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