[Xbox 360 S] What can I do to make disc drive opening not close the game running?

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    So I borrowed my friend's Xbox 360 S (hacked) and it just started repeatedly opening and closing disc drive and it's impossible to play on it now because it just closes my game. I am playing games off a hard drive so is there any way to just shut off the disc drive permanently or make it not close games when disc drive opens? I know it's possible since the "Aurora" menu my friend has installed is recognized as a game by the console (yet disc drive opening or closing doesn't affect it)

    I don't wanna risk taking it apart since it's not my console. I only borrowed it for RDR and I just want to finish it and return it to him. (He won't mind if I fiddle around with the disc drive settings since he doesn't need it either)

    There is a little discovery I made: I was looking in system settings when I realized doing so exited me from Aurora and I could see the normal Xbox interface. I went to 'my games' and saw that there were 2 games, Assassin's Creed Liberation HD and Far Cry 3 Blood dragon and 3 other options, one of which was "xex" and the other 2 were both xexmenu. I randomly ran AC Liberation and kept my hand on the disc drive to keep it from popping out, I knew it wouldn't work since I have tried it before and as soon as the sensor goes off, the game closes. BUT that didn't happen with this game! Same with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. So I looked into these 2 games. Thought they were in a special directory where disc drive doesn't affect them. Plugged in the HDD to my PC and looked in "GAMES" but only found AC Liberation and not FC3 Blood Dragon, strangely enough and it was installed differently than the rest of the games. This one had a subfolder followed by another subfolder and then a weird file. That's it, no xex or any other file normally found in Xbox 360 games. Upon searching online I found out AC Liberation was download only, so was FC3 Blood Dragon. This was when I realized digital games are perhaps treated differently. I tried looking up if I can convert an ISO into a games on demand file. Found a method easily enough. Converted the RDR iso and put it in Content/000000000/ but I also found out that there is something else there already. Under that folder there was a subfolder and then a file. Similar to AC liberation so yes this is likely FC3 Blood Dragon.
    Unfortunately, RDR still was treated like a disc game, even after conversion.

    Would be really glad if someone is able to help. (Btw I checked the game details in Aurora and interestingly RDR is showing up as an installed game which needs a disc to run. There are 2 RDRs, one the old one and the other the converted one. So I am not sure if the "installed" RDR is the new one or not. The other one just has a blank synopsis.)

    Edit: It seems I have found a solution. Apparently a freeboot image allows you to disable the disc drive entirely in advanced settings. I will look more into it more. If anyone reads this before then, can they tell me what exactly is freeboot and could it be possible that my friend has already installed it?
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