Xbox boot E71 - (1013) bad blocks

Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by fail0verflow, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Hi I have a problem with a xenon jtag console. first I got multiple dumps of stock nand via usb all match it had two bad blocks, then I built a 16197 dash with autogg and flashed with rawflash v4 I waited ages but never got the message to power off. so in the end I shut the console off and started the dash everything seemed ok but my hard drive was not recognizing 20gb oem I thought it may be related to the flash so I used rawflash again.

    Now when I boot the dash I see the bootanim then straight to e71 error 1013. xell reloaded is booting ok I connected to net and got a flash dump and have quite a lot of new bad blocks which where not present in my original stock nand. I'm convinced it is a problem with unmapped blocks. I dont know how bad block mapping works.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Use XeBuild, it should auto remap bad blocks.

    I believe the problem is you have built a new and from your stock nand, since your stock nand was dumped your console had developed more bad blocks.

    The most easy thing to do is download your raw nand dump from Xell Reloaded's web interface and use this for the source nand in XeBuild, when your 16197 dash is built it will then remap all the bad blocks correctly on your nand. That should work, i have done that for a few consoles and its worked fine.

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