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Xbox One Reveal Conference 720p HD MKV Video Download

Discussion in 'Xbox One Content' started by InsaneNutter, May 21, 2013.

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    A 720p Download of the Xbox One Reveal Conference where information about the new Xbox One is released for the first time.

    Download: Xbox One Reveal Conference 720p HD Download

    Xbox One Features discussed in the Xbox One relevel video:

    Media inter-connectivity:
    The Xbox One will allow instant access to movies, live TV, music, and Internet Explorer.

    Set-top box integration:
    Microsoft will introduce a feature that allows its next generation console take over a TV and set-top box in similar way to Google TV. The Xbox One will take a cable box signal and pass it through to the TV via HDMI, allowing Microsoft’s console to overlay a UI and feature on top of an existing TV channel.

    Voice control:
    The console will feature a voice control feature similar to Apple's Siri. This will allow users to control Xbox functions via voice command. All voice control will be coordinated through the Kinect, and with this ability Skype will also become a function of the new Xbox.

    The controller maintains the overall design of the Xbox 360 controller. The directional pad has a more traditional design compared to previous Xbox controllers, and the battery compartment is slimmer. The triggers will have built-in rumble system called "Impulse Triggers".

    The new Kinect will have 'wake with voice' for the Xbox console. It will have a 1080p camera compared to the VGA sensor on the original Kinect. The new motion controller would process 2 gigabits of data per second to accurately read its environment.

    Operating system:
    The device will run three operating systems: Xbox OS, an OS based on the Windows kernel, and another OS that will allow the other two operating systems to communicate by virtualisation (as a hypervisor). Such integration will include features like snapped Skype calls while in game.

    The edition of Windows on the Xbox will however not be compatible with standard Windows apps, but Metro apps will be easily portable to the OS.

    Xbox Live:
    The Xbox Live is scaled up to use 300,000 servers for Xbox One users from 15,000 that handle the Xbox 360 users. Cloud storage will be offered to save music, movies, games and saved content and developers will be able to use Live servers to offer more "living and persistent worlds."
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