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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by jooosh, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Jan 9, 2012
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    I updated my Xbox 360 with 13604 version, however here locally they do something with Xbox CD room that enables it to run new games (e.g. MW3, BF Bad company 3, PES 2012 etc.) but once they configure it you can’t update your dashboard and if you update it you can’t play game in it which is my case here. i have configured my Xbox CD room with same update as i mentioned above but as said i also updated the dashboard so i am not able to use it until they crack the 13604 version which will take at least 6 months. is there any way i can downgrade my dashboard to an older version? just to add that CD available here are copy version not original and this might be the reason they configure the CD rooms so it can play the New games, and once they configure it you can’t play the older version of games like MW2, Mafia etc.
    can anyone give some input please.
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    Sounds like your on a older version of ixtreme LT+.
    Have the console modder update the dvd drive's ixtreme firmware to the latest available for your drive.

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