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    just so i can stop running myself crazy, to confirm. is there an exact build of xenia there is able to run dlc or support patched xex files. I have canary and 1.11k custom build by alexVS and ive tried everything on the internet to get everything set up properly.

    Im specifically trying to get Gears of war 2 or 3 working with their respective TUs to get the DLC working (this is assuming i need the TUs to get the dlc to show up) All games, updates, and dlc were officially purchased, freshly installed and ripped. I cant even find a clear answer on where to put the files for for the DLC/TUs let alone if there is patched XEX support or DLC support specifically for gears. I read somewhere people made custom build because of a needed "unreal engine work around" but even that i couldnt find much about. If someone could please lay it out for a idiot like me i would really appreciate it. Ive downloaded pretty much every editing and modification tool id need. I have the games unpacked so i have a default.xex file and i have all the dlc both packed and unpacked ready to be put where they need too. If there is any build anyone recommends either please let me know

    set up just incase it matters:
    i7 2600 base clock
    asus gtx 1060 6gb
    16gb of ddr3 1333mhz
    all being store in a 240gb sata ssd with windows 10 pro

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