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How To Install XBOX Live DLC To F or G

Discussion in 'Downloadable Content' started by AmyGrrl, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Member

    Nov 10, 2009
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    How To Install XBOX Live DLC & XBOX Live Arcade To F or G.

    As most of you know the E Partition is a fixed size. So if you wanted to install all the XBOX Live DLC and the XBOX Live Arcade, there just isn't enough room for it all. You can expand the size of E. However it may not be easy to do depending how your XBOX is setup and may cause problems with some software what expects the fixed size. So this week I was curious to see if I could move the DLC to F or G Partition and patch the game to load the content. Turns out you can and it was pretty easy to hex edit. Now you can enjoy all the XBOX Live DLC and Arcade content and no longer have to pick and choose what you install.

    XBOX Live DLC

    ( 1 ) Run the Game at least once on XBOX. This will create the needed folders on E. For this guide I will be using Ghost Recon 2.

    ( 2 ) Steps 2-4 can be skipped if you already have the DLC content installed for your game. Download the DLC Installer for your game from here. https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-offline-xbox-live-downloadable-content-dlc-installers.675/

    ( 3 ) Extract the DLC Installer and then FTP the DLC installer to your XBOX.

    ( 4 ) Run the DLC Installer on your XBOX and install the DLC and TU if your game has a Title Update. This will sign the content to your XBOX.

    ( 5 ) Now from the FTP program browse to E\DATA and locate the games DLC Folder. If you open the Readme.txt file included with the DLC Installer for your game, it will tell you what the folder name is. For Ghost Recon 2 it's 55530005. FTP this folder to your Computer.

    ( 6 ) Now delete this folder from E\TDATA. My Ghost Recon 2 folder 55530005 has been deleted from the XBOX.

    ( 7 ) Steps 7-8 can be skipped if the game doesn't have a TU. Now for a little Hex Editing. On your computer browse to the folder we just copied to your computer. If the folder has a $u folder. Then the game has a TU. Open the $u folder and then open the default.xbe in your Hex Editor. I will use Hex Workshop for this guide.

    ( 8 ) With the default.xbe open in your Hex Editor. Locate the replace function. For Hex Workshop its Edit, Replace. Set the replace type to Text String. In the Find box enter \Device\Harddisk0\partition1\TDATA and for the Replace box enter \Device\Harddisk0\partition6\TDATA if your using F or enter \Device\Harddisk0\partition7\TDATA if your using G. Click OK and Replace All. It should say it changed 3 occurrences. Now click the save icon to save the changes. If you want to you can make a backup of the original file when the program asks. You can close the Hex Editor.

    ( 9 ) Using your FTP program. Browse to your F or G Partition and make a new TDATA folder.

    ( 10 ) Open the TDATA folder and FTP the games DLC folder on your computer back to the XBOX. My Ghost Recon 2 folder is now located in F\TDATA\55530005.

    ( 11 ) Browse to where the Game is installed on your XBOX and FTP the games default.xbe to your Computer.

    ( 12 ) Now open the Games default.xbe in a Hex Editor and repeat what you did in Step 8.

    ( 13 ) FTP the default.xbe back your XBOX replacing the original default.xbe file in the Games folder.

    ( 14 ) Now for the fun part. Run the game on your XBOX and verify all the extra DLC content is showing up and working. Enjoy!

    XBOX Live Arcade

    After doing some testing of the XBOX Live Arcade. There are 5 Games that won't run if you install to F or G. Unfortunately I am not able to patch the games to make them run because the XBOX Live Arcade does an extra signature check that I don't know how to bypass. As a work around, you can install those 5 Games to E and also F or G. This take up 116mb on E. Which still saves you 460MB of HDD space on E. If anyone can help with removing the extra signature check please sent me a message. The five game you need to leave installed to E are Fuzzee Fever, Marble Blast, Orbz, Ricochet, & Think Tanks.

    ( 1 ) Download the XBOX Live Arcade from here. https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-offline-xbox-live-arcade-game-installers.934/

    ( 2 ) Pretty much just do the same things as above. Except when you Hex Edit the XBOX Live Arcade default.xbe. It will replace 18 occurrences. I can write a more detailed guide if requested later. You will just have to extract the xISO to get access to the XBOX Live Arcade default.xbe.

    Also wanted to add that today on Canada Day is also our 14th Anniversary of when we released our first batch of Offline XBOX DLC Installers!
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  2. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Member

    Nov 10, 2009
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    List Of Files That Need Patching For Each Game
    Some Games have more than just the default.xbe that needs patching.
    You will need to patch the same files in both the Games and Title Update directory.

    MechAssault 2 - Lone Wolf

    default.xbe, ma2.xbe

    Sorry I haven't added more games to this list. I've been getting ready to move at the end of the month. After the move and I get settled. I will have more time to go over every game and see what files need to be hex edited.
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  3. Akoi

    Akoi New Member

    Sep 13, 2020
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    Thanks for this guide, I have been able to do this successfully on multiple games.

    One game in particular though I cant get this to work on is Star Wars Battlefront. Every time I start the game the $u folder deletes itself and the dlc then proceeds to give me a dirty disc error since the patch is gone.

    Any chance you have tested that title and seen that? (works fine if the files are in E: and not modified values) Battlefront II works just fine with this fix, just not the first one... which to me is odd.

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  4. AmyGrrl

    AmyGrrl Member

    Nov 10, 2009
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    I haven't had much of a chance to test all of the games yet. I can try that game tomorrow and see if the same thing happens for me. I really need to start working on a compatibly list that says what games work/don't work and what files need to be patched.
  5. piskimojoso

    piskimojoso New Member

    Apr 20, 2021
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    Thanks for this extraordinary work. I will try to do it. Nice to discover all these possibilities after 15 years of having this console. I am very grateful to you
  6. GoatWalker

    GoatWalker New Member

    Jul 10, 2022
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    Hey yall, so a couple weeks ago I got around to hacking and installing a new hard drive to my Xbox and I found this thread. So I took a couple notes in regards to what works, what doesn't work and if you needed to edit additional .xbe files. I want to note that I have absolutely no idea if any TUs are actually working because 99.9% of all TU don't have any patch notes listed anywhere. The only one that I know is that CvS2EO's update fixed the music stopping after a Finest KO also called Dramatic KO in the US. So here we go.

    DLC that doesn't work on different partitions:
    -Star Wars Battlefront: As was mentioned earlier in this thread, it crashes when you select the Jabba DLC map and deletes the $u folder.
    -Project Gotham Racer 2: Says that the update folder is corrupted and asks you to delete it.
    -Soldier of Fortune 2 and SWAT Global Strike Team: Both of these games don't give an error, nor do they delete anything, but the DLC maps do not show up in any of the map lists unless they're in the E partition.
    -Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow: This is a special case in that it also refuses to boot the game if the default.xbes are altered in any way. It just ends up in a weird loading loop similar to a dirty NES game. Absolutely refuses to boot up. It also corrupts the DLC even if you restored the unaltered default.xbes.

    Here are some other games where you need to alter both the default.xbe and the other special .xbes.
    -Mechassault 2: As mentioned earlier in the thread, you need to edit both the default.xbe and ma2.xbe
    -DoA Ultimate: You need to edit the default.xbe, DoA1.xbe and DoA2.xbe (This is a title update that I have no idea what it does, what it fixes or if they even did balance changes back in 04)
    -Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow: You need to edit the default.xbe, offline.xbe and online.xbe
    -Tron 2.0 Killer App: You need to edit the default.xbe and TRON20KA.xbe
    -Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: You need to edit the default.xbe sc3_adv.xbe and sc3.xbe

    Special Notes:
    -Splinter Cell 1 takes a bit to load the DLC. It's been a while since I've played the DLC maps so I don't remember if they loaded quicker on the E partition or if they took as long as when I l recently played them off the F partition.
    -TOCA Race Driver 2 takes a bit to load also I think you may need to apply the same fix in regards to the long file name issue. I used this here https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/Mod Files/Apps/DVD2Xbox/acl/434D0011.acl through a hex editor and I got the game to boot with the patch. Again as this is a TU I have no idea what it does. I'm weird and I might as well install the TU no matter how useless they are or if they were only Xbox Live fixes.

    Anyway, I know it's quite a lot but I hope this information is of use for everyone. If you don't see the game on here, you can assume that it works with no issues using this partition hex edit fix. I will also note that I have not tested the following:

    -Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
    -Counter Strike
    -The four DDR Ultramix games
    -IHRA Drag Racing 2004
    -Iron Phoenix
    -Karaoke Revolution Party
    -Links 2004
    -Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds
    -MX Superfly
    -MX vs. ATV Unleashed
    -NFL Fever 2003
    -NHL Rivals 2004
    -Pump it Up Exceed SE
    -Project Snowblind
    -Steel Battalion Line of Contact
    -The Incredibles
    -Top Spin
    -Vietcong Purple Haze
    -Xbox Music Mixer
  7. Sirius

    Sirius New Member

    May 21, 2024
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    Thx for the tutorial. I have three questions, though:

    1. Does this only work with games installed to the Hdd (referring to point 12)? What if I only have an iso image that I want to load with Xemu?

    2. What about all the files in and references to "UDATA". Don't they also have to be changed?

    3. There are also references to TDATA and UDATA in several other .xbe files. such as "downloader.xbe". Does anything need to be changed there?

    Thank you!


    4th question: After messing around a little and getting halo DLC + TU to work, I realized that the game takes MUCH longer to boot when DLC and TU is installed to the F drive. Does anyone know why that is? I don't suppose there is any way to make the game boot up instantly like when everything is installed on E?
    Last edited: May 24, 2024

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