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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Calvinjackson, Jun 2, 2023.

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    I'm going to get an RGH console soon and would like to use it primarily for playing downloaded games & using trainers on, I have no plans to go online with this console but would like to use my main GT on this to earn achievements; if I was to do so then transfer my profile back to my "retail" console would I get a profile ban/console ban; basically is there a method to earn achievements on an RGH with trainers on & move the profile back to regular console safe from bans.

    I read that you need to load the software (xex menu/freestyledash) without having a GT signed in then load the game of choice then once on game menu you sign into GT and make sure you sign out of GT again before dashboarding otherwise it adds values to the profile that MS can detect but a more recent post stated that even doing it this way gets you detected.
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    That is pretty much how to safely use your profile. Have a read of this: Using an Xbox Live profile on a Jtagged / RGH hacked Xbox 360 and staying safe

    Don't download / play betas, unreleased games or homebrew on your Xbox Live profile.

    Trainers and cheating i'd be wary about using on your live profile if you care about it. If you start unlocking achievements out of order for example, or going online in some games with stats that are not possible with normal gameplay that could be a flag. That's presuming Microsoft still cares about people cheating their gamerscore and such on the 360. Personally now my profile is going on 18 years old I'd not risk it.

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