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Xbox One System Update 10.0.18362.3055 Download (May 2019 Update)

Discussion in 'Dashboard / System Updates' started by InsaneNutter, May 18, 2019.

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    Info on the Xbox One 10.0.18362.3055 (19h1_release_xbox_dev_1905.190510-1845) May 2019 Update

    Release date


    Play later

    With so many great games to choose from in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, it can be hard to keep track of every game you may want to play. Play later lets you make a list of games for you to come back to on your time. Manage your collection from your Xbox console or the Game Pass mobile app and download your games when you’re ready.

    Friends list shows where your friends are playing

    We’ve added icons in your friends list for other platforms your friends are currently playing on. These icons will only appear for the platforms you’re not currently viewing the friends list on. For example, if you’re signed in to Xbox One, you’ll see icons for friends signed in to their PC or mobile device, and your friends will see an icon in their friends list that you’re on Xbox One.

    Message requests

    Prioritize messages from your friends and anyone you want to communicate with while separating out messages from people you don’t know into a message requests tab.

    As part of this update, all previous group messages will be removed (your one-on-one messages won’t be affected). If you want to back up any previous group messages, copy and paste them in Xbox.com for a limited time.

    Better sorting in My games & apps

    We’ve made it simpler to find the content you’re looking for. In My games & apps, titles will no longer contain articles such as "a," "an," or "the" when you use the Sort A-Z or Group by letter views. For example, "The Witcher" will now be found under "W" instead of "T."


    Download Xbox One System Update 10.0.18362.3055 May 2019 Update

    Updating your Xbox One:

    Read: How to install an Xbox One System Update from a USB Memory Stick

    To find your Xbox One console’s operating system version:

    • Press the Xbox button to return to Home.
    • Press the Menu button and select Settings (or select Settings on the Home screen).
    • Select System.
    • Select Console info.
    • Your operating system version is the third row down.
    • Note If you’re in the middle of a system update and need to find your operating system version on your console, pull both triggers and both bumpers on the controller. The operating system version is listed as Build and is the second line down.

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