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    by Published on 22-03-16 19:00

    He're at Digiex we like to keep you up to date with console tutorials for hacks and homebrew, with that in mind if you have a Wii U and want to hack it to load the Homebrew Channel we've now got you covered, hopefully making the process as easy as possible to follow for a complete beginner!

    Firstly your Wii U need's to be exploitable, since we posted this news all currently Wii U firmware versions including 5.5.1 are exploitable, with that in mind we've put together a very easy guide on how to stop your Wii U from updating.

    Part 1: Block Nintendo Wii U Updates Easily With Alternate DNS Server

    Once your Wii U is safe from updates issued by Nintendo you can follow the main part of the guide, we have made things easy for you and setup our own mini site hosting the exploit you need to gain control over the Wii U.

    Part 2: Nintendo Wii U Homebrew Channel Hack Guide

    Finally when your Wii U is up and running with homebrew you might also wish to load some games from other regions, this is also possible and we have a guide teaching you how to prepare Wii U games to load from an SD card inside the Wii U.

    Part 3: Extract Wii U WUD's (Encrypted ISO Images) for use with Loadiine GX2

    As always we have tried to make our guides as easy and detailed as possible, remember the Wii U homebrew scene is in its infancy, however even so game mods, level editors are already out there. We expect things to progress a lot as the year goes on.

    Updated on 07.05.16 as Wii U Firmware 5.5.1 is now exploitable, meaning any Wii U released to date is currently capable of running the homebrew channel.
    by Published on 03-03-16 18:30

    The BADIRET exploit has been released for the PS4, this is a Kernel Exploit which gives full access to the PS4 hardware.

    This exploit was designed to work on PS4 firmware version 1.76 originally, however it may work up to firmware 2.01 if a different entrypoint to run the exploit is released.

    Team Fail0verflow who have a full Linux distro running on the PS4 decided to also release the missing pieces from their Linux booting on PS4 talk. This means in theory everything is now out there for the public to get Linux running on the PS4.

    As the PS4 is capable of booting Linux, it is also capable of booting a patched Orbis OS, with security restrictions removed. That essentially means homebrew in the PS4's Orbis OS. The PS4 scene is in its infancy, however this is a big leap forward, especially as things are now out in the public. You only need to look at the 3DS scene to see how that progressed!

    The Digiex team have invested in an exploitable PS4 on firmware 1.76 in the hopes we can bring you some high quality tutorials in the near future.

    The ideal way to get yourself a PS4 on old firmware is to buy one of the old bundles, and to ensure it's new, not used. The exploitable firmware you need is is 1.76, so you need to obtain a PS4 on this firmware or lower. You can easily upgrade to 1.76, however it's not possible to downgrade to it.

    The list of exploitable PS4 bundels are as follows:

    • Ps4 Glacier white with Destiny Bundle
    • Killzone Shadow Fall Launch Bundle
    • Battlefield 4 Launch Bundle
    • Knack launch Bundle
    • InFamous Second Son + Killzone Shadow Fall + Knack Bundle
    • NBA 2K14 Bundle
    • FIFA 2K14 Bundle
    • Dynasty Warriors 7 bundle
    • Dynasty Warriors 8 bundle
    • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Bundle
    • Infamous: Second Son launch bundle
    • Watch_Dogs bundle
    • Destiny Bundle (black)
    • DriveClub Bundle (Black)
    • DriveClub Bundle (Glacier white)
    • Call of Duty: Ghost Bundle

    Amazon UK and Amazon US still stock some of the above bundels which are new / factory sealed so will not have been updated. You could also get lucky on Ebay, however be aware consoles purchased on Ebay could well have been updated if not factory sealed.
    by Published on 28-02-16 15:30

    Yesterday Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Green we're re-released for the Nintendo 3DS on the Eshop. These are essentially the same games you played on the original Game Boy up to 20 years ago depending on where about's in the world you are from.

    However the games have been updated to allow trades over local Wi-Fi and another nice bonus is that you will be able to import your Pokemon in to Pokemon Moon and Sun which will be released towards the end of this year.

    As side effect of this re-release is that it gives people with a hacked 3DS a chance to import their save game from the original Pokemon games, either from an emulator or actually dumped from a physical game cartridge.

    This means for the first time ever Pokemon from games in the first generation will be able to brought up to the current generation of games. Pretty awesome for the older fans of the series who still have their save games.

    We have created a tutorial that will teach you how to import your Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow or Green save games from either an emulator or physical game cartridge on the the eshop re release on your Nintendo 3DS.

    If that sounds like something you would like to do head over to the tutorial now: Pokemon GameBoy / Rom Save Transfer To 3DS [Red, Blue, Yellow & Green].
    by Published on 03-02-16 08:50

    A beta build of Star Wars Battlefront III for the Xbox 360 has been leaked to the internet by Reddit / Twitter use ProtoFaggot. This was a game very much wanted by the community, however ultimately canceled before release. It's worth mentioning this is not the same as the 2015 release.

    The build number is 70217 which is quite playable on RGH hacked Xbox 360's with RGloader and on 360 devkits, however at a low framerate. The leaked build currently does not work on Jtag / RGH hacked Xbox 360's running Freeboot or the Xbox 360 emulator Xenia.

    Discuss on the Digiex forums: Star Wars Battlefront III Xbox 360 Build 70217
    by Published on 29-01-16 09:30

    Saints Row Undercover is PSP game developed by Volition, however canceled before it was ever released.

    Volition, the studio who developed the game released a playable ISO to the public, which we have uploaded to our download center.

    Most studios are usually very protective of games, especially unreleased ones. So we think its great that Volition released this playable beta of Saints Row Undercover. It should work on a PSP emulator and possible a real PSP also.

    Download: Saints Row Undercover PSP Beta ISO
    by Published on 25-12-15 06:00

    We would just like to wish all our members old and new a very Merry Christmas, we hope you all have a great day with family and friends.

    Do let us know if you got anything nice in the comments! Remember even sharks love Christmas presents, so we have researched a safe way to give your pet shark that perfect gift!

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