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    In an effort to make browsing all the tutorials we have for the Xbox 360 on Digiex easier, I have created an index of all the tutorials we have.

    I have tried to categorise the tutorials in to three main sections depending on the type of Xbox 360 the tutorial is for, these categories are basically: tutorials that can be used on all Xbox 360's, tutorials for flashed consoles, and finally tutorials for Jtag hacked consoles.

    Please feel free to write your own tutorials for Digiex, we have many tutorials, however they are many tasks, hacks and mods we do not have a tutorial for.

    Tutorials for all Xbox 360's:

    Hard drive related:

    Hack a 250gb sata hard drive to work in the Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim

    Flash the HDDSS.bin for your hacked hard drive in Windows

    Flash the HDDSS.bin for your hacked hard drive on Apple's OSX

    Compatable Motherboards / Laptops for HddHackr

    Format an external USB hard drive to store files bigger than 4gb on the Xbox 360

    Get a free data migration kit (hard drive transfer kit)

    Xbox Live related:

    Packet Sniff Xbox 360 Dashboard Updates

    Free Xbox Live alternative for Xbox 360 : Xlink Kai

    VPN setup for Xbox Live - Buy DLC & Games on Demand games from other regions market places

    Get XBSLink working on Mac OSX

    Demo related:

    How to download Xbox 360 Demos from Digiex with uTorrent.

    Burn Xbox 360 Demos to disc using ImgBurn

    Burn Demos to a DVD with Apple's Mac OS X

    Extract demos from the Xbox 360 hard drive

    Extract demo's from an .ISO

    USB Storage related:

    How to configure a USB memory stick to be used as Xbox 360 storage (Saves & Profiles)

    How to inject into USB Flash Drive

    Using a Memory Device for 360 storage without a FATX format

    Title updates:

    Extract / dump title updates (patches) to and from a 360 USB memory stick

    Extract / dump title updates (patches) to and from the Xbox 360 hard drive


    Fix avatar awards / avatar items (no live / jtag / banned console)

    Find out which version of an Xbox 360 system update you have

    Uncorrupt a Gamertag or Gamesave from a Banned Xbox 360

    How to boot an Xbox 360 in to Manufacturing Mode with a Memory Card

    Xbox 360 12 volt fan mod with 120mm fan

    Install Lights in an Xbox 360 hard drive

    Get your 360 repaired by Microsoft for Free (Even if out of Warranty)

    Game Hacks:

    Savegame edit with Hex Editor for Beginners

    Unlock Sargent Johnson for Halo 3 ODST

    Rock band DLC and how to convert RBN DLC from DEMO to Full playable songs

    How to get Modio working on Mac

    AC Brotherhood: Hex your Money

    Get veteran status on Battlefield games without playing

    Resident Evil 5 BSAA Emblem Guide

    Halo 3: Get Out Of High Ground

    Just Cause 2 Demo Timer Glitch

    Get DOA 3 Bonus Costumes on Xbox 1 HDD then to Xbox360 HDD

    Flashed Xbox 360's only:

    Back Up Xbox 360 Games Using Wx Ripper

    How to play AP2.5 games without LT+ (Now obsolete)

    Jtagged Xbox 360's only:

    Using an Xbox Live profile on a Jtagged Xbox 360 and staying safe

    Upgrade a Jtagged Xbox 360's hard drive, restore the avatars and Xbox 1 emulator

    Update your Jtagged Xbox 360 to Kernel / Dashboard 12611

    Upgrade You're JTAG Console Using Easy freeBOOT GUI (No CLI stuff)

    Update your Jtagged Xbox 360 to Kernel / Dashboard 9199 (obsolete)

    Convert installed games to Games on Demand versions and play without the disc

    Backup Xbox 360 games, including XGD3 titles for a Jtagged console

    Take screenshots on your Jtag using the Xbox 360 SDK (No capture card required)

    Use the Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard (Version 1888) on a Jtag

    What is the Xbox 360 1BL Key?

    What are the Xbox 360 XEX1 and XEX2 keys?
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    beautiful thanx
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    Hello, is possible to play games of the original Xbox with a drive flashed with LT+3.0? I know that 360 is compatible with some titles but I don't find any tutorial about how to burn the games

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