2017, The Year of Pokemon?

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By InsaneNutter on Jan 16, 2017 at 11:40 PM
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    At Digiex we have always tried to focus more on obscure content the larger mainstream sites don't cover, such as how to transfer your GameBoy Pokemon saves to the 3DS and keep rare things accessible to all that that might randomly get shared once, then erased off the internet never to be seen again.

    With that in mind its only natural we have had some very rare Pokemon related content on Digiex for a number of years, however over the last year the amount of Pokemon content Digiex has archived significantly increased.

    As I spent 2016 randomly playing through the older Pokemon games, trying to complete a living Pokedex and gather rare event Pokemon i'd missed over the years, it became apparent their was a lot of Pokemon content that should be on Digiex.

    So as i played though the Pokemon games I started posting up content that I had found useful as I progressed though the games. I also started working on a Pokemon GEN 3 Legit Event Pokemon Save with HaxAras. This is probably now the largest collection of GEN 3 Event Pokemon that's publicly accessible.

    Then towards the end of the year the Pokemon Community got a very nice Christmas present, some ultra rare Pokemon GBA distributions released by Deoxyz. Following on from that came an avalanche of Pokemon Nintendo DS event distributions which certain people had manage to collect over the years and finally bring together.

    With that in mind this post is a thank you to all the people who have shared all the Pokemon related content listed below over the years. I think the amount of Pokemon related content people have come together to preserve deserves to be featured, so this post is exactly for that.

    Pokemon Save Games / PKM Files:

    Pokemon GEN 1 Legit Mew Save From 1999 ToysRus Distribution
    Pokemon GEN 1 14 Legit Event Mew's Save Game
    Pokemon GEN 2 Legit Mew, Celebi & Other Event Pokemon
    Pokemon GEN 3 Legit Event Pokemon Save
    Pokemon GEN 3 Mystery Mew Distribution Save Game
    Pokemon GEN 3 Legit Ticket Events
    Pokemon GEN 4 My Pokemon Ranch - Mew, Phione and JPN Event Pokemon
    Pokemon GEN 4 Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs - Deoxys, Manaphy Egg, Heatran & Shaymin Save Game
    Pokemon GEN 4 Pokemon Ranger Manaphy Egg Save Game
    Pokemon GEN 4 Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia - Manphy Egg, Riolu and Darkrai Save Game
    Pokemon GEN 4 Battle Revolution - Bonus Pokemon Save Game

    Pokemon Event Distributions:


    Pokemon 10ANNIV Distribution Cartridge [GBA]
    Pokemon Aurora Ticket Distribution Cartridge [GBA]
    Pokemon Unreleased Azure Flute / Arceus Slot 2 Distribution [GBA]


    Pokemon Entei, Raikou, Suicune GameStop Distribution 2011 [Legendary Beasts] [NDS]
    Pokemon GameStop Deoxys Distribution 2008 [NDS]
    Pokemon GameStop Pichu [Pikachu-colored Pichu] and Jirachi Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Michina Arceus Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Movie 11 Shaymin Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Nintendo World Store ALAMOS Darkrai Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Spring 2013 Meloetta Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Summer 2012 Keldeo Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Summer 2013 Shiny Dialga, Palkia & Giratina Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Toys "R" Us Dragonite Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Victini Liberty Ticket Distribution [NDS]
    Pokemon Winter 2011 Celebi Distribution [EUR] [NDS]
    Pokemon Winter 2011 Celebi Distribution [USA] [NDS]
    Pokemon Zoroark Month Zoroark Distribution [NDS]

    Pokemon Event Tools:

    Pokemon GEN 3 Mystery Gift Tool - Inject Nintendo Events, Wondercards & More
    Pokemon Mystery Event Tool For GC / WII - Inject Pokemon GEN 3 Wondercards and Event
    Pokemon NDS Mystery Gift Tool - Inject Pokemon GEN 3 Wondercards and Events

    Bonus Discs:

    Pokemon Colosseum Japanese Bonus Disc [GameCube]
    Pokemon Colosseum USA Bonus Disc [GameCube]
    GameCube Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc 14 [Berry Glitch Shiny Zigzagoon Distribution]
    GameCube Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc 16 [Berry Glitch Shiny Zigzagoon Distribution]

    Save Editors:

    Trigger's PC - Pokemon GEN 3 Legit-Use Everything-Bank and Save Manager Tool
    Pikaedit GEN 4, GEN 5 & XY Download [Pokemon Diamond Pearl Black White Save Editor]
    PokeGen Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White 1+2 Save Edit


    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Nintendo Demo [NDS]
    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo [3DS]
    Pokemon Sun and Moon - Special Demo Version [3DS]


    Pokemon GameBoy / Rom Save Transfer To 3DS [Red, Blue, Yellow & Green]


    Pokemon Trading Card Game 2: Here Comes Team GR English Fan Translation [GB]
    Elite Map (v3) English – Pokemon Ruby Map Editor [GBA]
    Pokemon Sun and Moon QR Codes - Generation 7 (VII) - Ready To Scan

    Here's to 2017, i'm certainly excited to see what Pokemon related things this year brings! - Hopefully finally been able to import GEN 1 Pokemon in to GEN 7 fairly soon. A release of Gold, Silver and Crystal on the Eshop would be a nice bonus too, it would then finally possible to trade Pokemon up from any past generation to the latest.
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Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Jan 16, 2017.

    1. UnknownRespected
      I just wish they'd allow transferring from Gen. I to Gen. VI and not just VII. There's no technical reason why they couldn't, only trying to push more people into purchasing Sun/Moon who otherwise might not.
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    2. InsaneNutter
      Indeed I agree, you'd think once a Pokemon is on Pokebank it could go to any of the games supported by it. (Well apart from the new GEN 7 Pokemon) so that is a little disappointing.

      I knew i'd be purchasing Sun / Moon anyway so it was a nice surprise to get after all these years. The younger me put so much more effort in to GEN 2, as I still have my saves I'd like to be able to import these really old Pokemon, now i know Nintendo have some interest in that. I shall be patient however and see if Nintendo listens, the VC re-released did sell really well so theirs every chance.
    3. UnknownRespected
      Eh, I mean, I have Sun anyway, but I don't actually like it all that much and would rather be able to transfer stuff to OR heh.

      Though to be fair, I don't even -play- Gen. I and there is nothing from Gen. I I'd ever really want to transfer, so... there's that.
    4. Slaz
      I got Pokémon Moon and will likely transfer my complete legit Gen6 living Pokédex to Gen7 if that's safe to do. But yeah, I agree that they could've made the transferring process more versatile and tolerant. Being able to transfer Gen1 Pokémon sure is a nice touch though I too would like to see the Johto games added.

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    5. InsaneNutter
      Nice Pokedex Slaz, how long did that take?

      I have about 580 of 721 in GEN 6 at the moment with myself as the OT (where possible) I literally just beat the Pokemon League on Moon yesterday so plan to resume work on the living Pokedex in GEN 6 again shortly, after finishing up the post game stuff.
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    6. UnknownRespected
      Johto games added would have to wait until they'd put those on VC :P if they ever planned to.

      With the glitches that let you get tons of shinies easily, plus breeding shiny parents together for really high shiny rates, that would pump a lot of shinies into S/M, hehe. At least it'd be easy to know they come from Gen. II and value them less.
    7. Slaz
      I too got myself as the OT wherever possible. Just a few Legendaries were traded that were exclusive to Alpha Sapphire or X, and of course all Mythics are from GF (the 20th anniversary distributions).

      btw, the Bank/Transporter update just got released today. Serebii just confirmed this morning that Gen1 Mew's obtained by glitches won't be transferrable to Sun & Moon. Now I wonder if legit Gen1 Mew's work? As there is no official way to transfer GameBoy Mew's to the 3DS, my guess is that it's just the recent 3DS distributed Gen1 Mew's that work.
    8. InsaneNutter
      I intend to try them and see, i'm wondering if only the recent JPN and UK event Mews will transfer. Apparently the Surfing Pikachu is blocked from transferring (not obtainable in the VC without restoring a save with it on) so i'm wondering if Pokebank is smart enough to know what Pokemon have been an official 3DS VC event and only white listed those Pokemon for transfer.
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    9. UnknownRespected
      I'm surprised they actually included some mechanic that made it possible for Gen. I Pokémon to turn out Shiny. Perhaps a nod to the way Gen. I Pokémon could turn out shiny when traded to Gen. II :P
      The criteria are similar to the old ones, too. I can imagine a fair few people getting nice surprises once they transfer.
    10. InsaneNutter
      I've not had any Shiny Pokemon yet, although i've only transferred my Squads, the event Mews and the JPN starters I had on Pokemon Green.

      I had to change my glitched Mew's OT to GF and ID to 22796 so it would import, although not officially legit i'm willing to let that pass given its the only Mew the younger me ever had.

      Sadly my Surfing Pikachu would not import, likewise neither will one evolved in to a Raichu. Removing Surf then allowed it to import fine.

      I now possibly have some of the oldest Pokemon in GEN 7, my 17 year old squad from Pokemon Red and 16ish year old squad from Yellow. Back then I never had the internet and all I really knew about Pokemon was what i'd seen in magazines or discovered playing through with friends. I'd probably change some of the moves if I was playing again today, however I intend to preserve them as they are.
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    11. UnknownRespected
      To be fair, it's probably fairly indistinguishable from the legit one now. As far as I know the only difference was in the DVs really (unless subtle OT trash bytes differences were really 100% kept during the transfer), and those were recalculated completely when transferred.

      Gen. I/II being really simple does wonders, heh. Not very much stuff to worry about as far as legality is concerned.

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