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After not updating the Wii U for over a year and a half Nintendo released the 5.5.2 update, which patched some vulnerabilities in the web browser which had been used by the community to launch Homebrew on the Wii U.

However its rumoured the Crunchyroll App can also be exploited for Homebrew purposes. With that in mind if you have updated to 5.5.2 we'd recommend download the Crunchyroll App, just in case. Better to be safe than sorry right?!

Nintendo have released a new Wii U system update, after not updating the Wii U since January 2016.

The only thing Nintendo state has changed is in firmware version 5.5.2 is "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience" what this translates to is patching the web browser exploit used to gain access to homebrew.

Surprisingly however the IOSU and Kernel exploits have not been patched, just the web browser entry point required to install these exploits.

So if you have followed Digiex's Wii U Permanent Homebrew Channel / Launcher Exploit Tutorial [Haxchi 2.0 Wii U Hack] and installed the Homebrew Channel to a DS this should still work fine, as should all your homebrew.

Haxchi and CBHC work as normal if already installed.

However I would still suggest not updating, as you gain nothing and lose the only way to ever install the Homebrew Launcher in the unlikely event you mess something up at a later date.

If you followed the tutorial linked to above you should have already blocked your Wii U from auto updating, if not then follow this guide here to block Wii U System Updates if you care about Homebrew and Hacks.

Backing up your important data is something not everyone does, backing up that important data off site in another location, also known as a cloud backup is something even fewer people do.

Until recently having a cloud backup is not something i've done either, however it is something i've thought about for a couple of years now, but could never find a system I was happy with.

You might be wondering why a backup of your most important data in a different location to your house is important?

Well what happens if your computer / backup hard drive got stolen, or some natural disaster such as a flood ruined your computer and backups? you would loose everything unless a copy of that data existed somewhere else.

The most easy solution is to backup your most important data up to the cloud, however for maximum security and privacy you only want to store encrypted data no one else can make use of, which is where things get a bit more difficult.

I've looked at a lot of different solutions and come up with something inexpensive that works great for multiple Windows or Mac computers.

View: Personal Encrypted Secure Cloud Backup - All You Need To Know

I'd also be interested to learn about your own cloud backup system if you have anything in place.

Nintendo have announced that Pokémon Gold and Silver will launch on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on September 22nd.

This re-release will be compatible with Pokémon Bank, meaning it's finally possible to import Pokemon from all previous Pokemon game in to Pokemon Generation 7. Unfortunately, the game will not be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo also confirmed today a deluxe version of Pokemon Sun and Moon called Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, will be available on November 17th.

Needless to say i'm pretty happy i'll finally be able to import my Gold and Silver squad from my original GameBoy save.

View: YouTube Trailer for Pokemon Gold and Silver

The Humble Bundle store is currently giving away free copies of Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition which can be redeemed on Steam. Rising Storm is a stand-alone expansion for Red Orchestra 2 and includes all multiplayer content from the base game.

Rising Storm allows the player to fight across iconic locations from the famous island-hopping campaigns in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945. Players will experience beach assaults, jungle fighting, close quarters night fighting and more across Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Saipan, among other iconic battles. The player is able to take the part of either side, American or Japanese, battling it out online in multiplayer on up to 64-player servers.

Click the link below to claim your free copy, the game is free for the next 1 day and 19 hours at the time of writing.

View: Rising Storm Game of the Year Edition at the Humble Bundle Store

Update: This offer has ended.

For anyone who's looking for a new PC game to play your in luck. Saints Row 2 is currently free on both Good Old Games and Steam.

Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Players can play as who they want, how they want, and with whomever they want in this sequel to the much acclaimed and tremendously successful Saints Row.

Set years after the original, the player finds himself in a Stilwater both familiar and strange and challenged with bringing the Saints back as the rightful kings of Stilwater and bringing vengeance to those who wronged him.


Saints Row 2 on Good Old Games

Saints Row 2 on Steam
Digiex member Hoffman has posted up a great editorial on how Amazon Video are abusing their marker position.

Everyone will remember 2016 as the year that 4K and HDR became mainstream. Amazon beat Netflix to it and started producing all its original content in the format and making it available for the masses. The later part of the year and the release of the Grand Tour which at least for International Markets was the biggest win for Amazon further pushed this message as all content was available in 4K with full 10-bit HDR support (via HDR10).

However it seems Amazon doesn't follow one of the basic principles which its competitor Netflix follows which is to remain out of the hardware wars. Click to read more......

Yes the title might sound a little crazy, however it's as legit as it comes. JaralStudio have managed to sneak a fully functional GBA emulator on to the Xbox Store, disguised as a PDF Viewer. Not only that, since publishing this article it turns out they have also published a PlayStation 1 emulator and a Nintendo 64 emulator too!
To install these emulators on your Xbox One you can do the following:
  1. Go to the store and search for one of the above apps
  2. You then have to buy the app in question
  3. Then simply let it download and install on your Xbox One
Once installed load up the app you purchased on your Xbox One, it will look just like a PDF Viewer, however press LB & RB + LT & RT. This will unlock the hidden emulator.

The emulators are capable of loading roms from a USB hard drive, or your OneDrive account.

This probably won't last too long as Microsoft has recently banned emulators from the Windows 10 and Xbox One store, however for now if you want a bit a retro action on your Xbox One, it's now more than possible.


xbox-one-gba-emulator-1.jpg xbox-one-gba-emulator-2.jpg xbox-one-gba-emulator-3.jpg xbox-one-gba-emulator-4.jpg xbox-one-gba-emulator-5.jpg

The Nintendo Switch might only have been released today, however Digiex has not one, but two guides for Nintendo’s new Switch console.

The first guide will teach you how to setup an account from another region, allowing you to purchase games exclusive to certain regions. This also has the advantage of allowing you to purchase games more cheaply depending on the current currency conversion rates.

View: Nintendo Switch eShop - Guide to Purchasing Content from other Regions

As you might know the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a web browser accessible to the end user, however there is one hidden away in the system, used for authentication with public Wi-Fi hotspots via a webpage.

With a little DNS hack you can load any webpage you desire on the Nintendo Switch, we can confirm Digiex loads perfectly! This trick could also be useful for hackers trying to exploit the switch via webkit exploits. As we have seen over the last couple of years, exploits in the webkit browser engine have enabled 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita and PS4 hacks, so this could be a great way to start poking about at the inner workings on the Nintendo Switch.

View: Guide to Enabling and browsing any site using the Web Browser on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is now allowing users to create a new user ID for the Switch. Keep reading however, you might think that you already have an account if you have an NNID (Nintendo Network ID), however Nintendo been Nintendo you need to create a new user ID for the Switch.

You can sign into your Nintendo Account here, you are then able to create a username that you want to use for the Switch.

Simply scroll down to "user ID", and click edit. You'll get a verification code to your email address, enter the verification code and you can then create a 6+ character username.

For anyone using Outlook.com / Hotmail or an Office 365 powered email address you need to add accounts.nintendo.com and nintendo.com to your safe sender list otherwise the confirmation email will not even get to your inbox or junk folder.

So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite username now, before somebody else does!